Monday, March 14, 2011

Grants Tomb - NYC - BILLY WINS!!!!!

A rest week in the ACCC left the American University Cycling Club looking elsewhere to race this past weekend.  Fortunately, the ECCC (our neighboring collegiate cycling conference) was hosting a race in the upper west side of New York City.

On Saturday, Greg Leach, Billy Hluchan, and Melissa Tabas ventured to NYC to race in the Big Apple.

Billy warming up - he must have known he was going to win

Billy Hluchan was the talk of the day with his first cycling victory in the Men's "D" race.  This also was Billy's second ever race!  Billy dodged a couple crashes throughout the circuit race that featured a technical corner and a gradual uphill rear straightaway.  Going into the last lap, with the field whittled down in half, Billy attacked out of the last corner and powered his way keeping his lead to the finish line, saving just enough energy to give a Jersey Shores style fist-pump at the finish line.  Congratulations Billy!

Billy's finishing fist pump!

Melissa's race was next in the combined Women's "A" and "B" field.  This was Melissa's longest criterium against the toughest field she has ever competed against.  Numerous attacks ensued from the start and Melissa rode strongly in the front group navigating the technical corner with precision.  About three quarters through the race the field split in two and Melissa got stuck behind another rider in the second group.  Unrelentingly Melissa pulled the second group through the next couple laps and bridged to the first group with a super strong pull.  Unfortunately the field then attacked and Melissa fell off the back of the first group gassed from her epic pull.  Melissa proceeded to finish in a field that eventually broke completely apart.  Way to go Melissa for riding strong in a super tough and fast race!

Last but not least was the Men's "A" race.  This was Greg's second race of the day having ridden the Pro/1/2 USA Cycling Race in the morning.  Greg displayed his epic power from the moment the gun went off.  Attacking, attacking, and attacking again.  Each time the hungry peloton followed until finally he was able to get away in a break-away of 5 riders.  The rest of the race the break-away tore around the course with the peloton viciously trying to catch the break.  However, on the last lap the break was caught.  Greg managed to power to the line and finish 8th.

All in all great day for the American University Cycling Team!!!

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