Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brotherly love and bike racing, too!

AU Cycling sent several riders north to Philadelphia last weekend for the Philly Phlyer, re-affirming ECCC territory to be both “legit” and “heck-of-legit.” Following a restful night with Melissa’s family (thanks guys!), the first day of racing made thunder in Philadelphia’s West Fairmont Park in the form of a technical circuit race that made sure to keep the riders on their toes. Thankfully, crashes were few and the course’s layout encouraged gratuitous fracturing of race groups. Spectators: pleased. Temple University hosted a hard-won central-campus crit on Sunday - nice work!

It was Saturday that saw Melissa get 6th in the Bs in her combined Women’s A-B race!

Melissa Tabas' bike made motocycle sounds

Billy Hluchan, resolute of oomph and mighty of will, came back from a victory the previous week to snag seventh in the circuit race and fourth in the crit! Concerning the fourth place in the crit on Sunday: “I wasn’t in a good position coming around the last corner," Billy said. "There’s not enough room to set up AND make the move on that last straight before the line - you have to do that before you get there.”

Big Bad Buff Billy Boom Boom Boom

Coby Hutzler and Riley Spencer rode Bs and Ds, respectively, and used the weekend to look at birds and rehearse victory salutes at the back of the pack. Regarding plans for the coming season, Coby hopes to up his pre-race dosages of Euro Beats and Heavenly Visualizations, while Riley is eager to ride more and grow his fast. Who will improve? Tune in some other time!

Coby Hutzler thought about cheesesteak

All in all, a wonderfully-crafted two days of racing on the parts of Drexel, Penn, and Temple Cycling. Bravo! 

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