Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Race Weekend Checklist

Race Weekend Checklist

Correspondence with teammates is encouraged before race for efficient packing (ex. 1 pump will suffice for the team)

Personal Identification:
1.     US Cycling License
2.     School ID
3.     State issued ID

Bicycle Equipment:
1.     Bike
2.     Shoes
3.     Helmet
4.     Water Bottles
5.     Spare Wheels (optional)
6.     Bike Tools (optional)
7.     Flat Kit (optional)
8.     Pump (optional)
9.     Trainer (optional)

Bicycle Clothing/Accessories:
1.     Jersey
2.     Bib Shorts
3.     Warmers (Knee/Leg/Arm)
4.     Shoe Covers
5.     Base Layer
6.     Socks
7.     Sunglasses

Change of Clothing for before/after race:
(Dress appropriately for any conditions the team may face, ALWAYS check weekend forecast before departure from campus/hotel to race location)

(Toothbrush, glasses, contacts, medicine, etc.)

1.     Water
2.     Gatorade (powder or liquid)
3.     Breakfast Food (Bagels, Peanut Butter, Pop Tarts, etc)
4.     Money for lunch, dinner, and whatever else you may need
5.     Continental Breakfast may or may not be served by Hotel
6.     Anything else you need or may want to bring

Accessories (optional):
1.     IPOD
2.     EURO BEATS!!!!!!!
3.     Cooler
4.     Folding Chair
5.     Anything else you need or may want to bring

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